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Leaf-like technologies

thin, light, integrated, bio-functional and eco-friendly design

About Foliumtec

"Nomen est Omen": the will to deliver a greener and better world to the next generation is written in our name.

We strive to develop new technologies in the material and manufacturing field to achieve the design of lighter, more functional and ecological parts which create value for the future society.

About Foliumtec

Acoustics and light-weight

  • Partnership with the company 4a manufacturing to form a world know-how leader in the field of acoustics materials for consumer electronic

  • Special focus on micro-sandwich technology, branded as CIMERA by 4a

  • Many other different light-weight and multi-functional materials in the product portfolio for the most different applications range

The team
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Domenico Foglia, PhD

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I'm "born" industrial engineer, with a PhD in process simulation.  During my 10 years as material designer, I've discovered the versatility of the composite materials for the most different applications.

My experience as head of sales has grown my passion for business development, enlarging my perspective towards the marketing of innovative products.

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Tommaso Foglia

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External Innovation Manager

I'm an innovation manager with more than 15 years of experience in supporting start-ups, companies, universities and research centers in R&D projects.

My engineering background, allows me to speak the language of the innovators to develop win-win synergies between heterogeneous stakeholders.

Find us & Subscribes

Where to find us:


Domenico Foglia, PhD


Foliumtec GmbH

Gutheil-Schoder-Gasse 8-12,

1100, Vienna



VAT ID: ATU74156469

Company Number: 502798i

Foliumtec GmbH is member of the Austrian Assiociation of Consulting Engineers with the focus on plastic engineering

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